Mother-Led Movements


Mothers against drunk driving (MADD)

One mother in 1980, decided to take action after her daughter was killed by a drunk driver. Joined by a handful of other mothers that had experienced a similar tragedy, she created a grassroots movement that, 40 years later, has made a dramatic impact. Decreasing acceptable blood alcohol level laws, and “support of the federal government for raising the legal drinking age to 21, and in 1983 President Reagan signed the Uniform Drinking Age Act into law. In 2000, after years of lobbying, President Clinton signed legislation that would effectively lower the legal blood alcohol level in the US to .08” Source »


Child Care Facility at City College Of New York

In 2014, Eridiana Diaz, a young mother in NY, when she discovered that her university was going to close the subsidized campus child care facility that her daughter attended while she worked towards a college degree, organized a series of protests with other parents, where kids chanted on megaphones and made banners themselves. They won. Source »