Mother's United Climate Crisis Offensive

Our Mission:

We are mothers, concerned parents, grandparents and family members, friends and people with diverse backgrounds, faiths, and political affiliations who bring our voices together as one, to demand that the US join the global community effort to protect our children, humanity, and our planet from climate change.


Our Vision

To come together as nation and, as one people, put the health and the future of our children in the center of the climate crisis conversation.


Our Goals

The goal of our campaign is to bring people together as a single voice, to make a concerted set of demands.

  1. Engage multiple national groups, besides mothers and children, such as fathers, families, students, social and environmental groups, religious, ethnic groups, climate groups and professional organizations, in a working plan to create awareness and a national call for action in the US, to address the climate crisis, prior to the 2020 presidential elections.

  2. Demand that elected officials and candidates running for public office at any level of government have a specific plan to address the climate crisis, to mitigate the production of greenhouse gases and promote protection of our children and the environment.

  3. Demand that the US continue to support the Paris agreement.


Our Strategy

In spite of thousands of groups in the US and around the world talking about the climate crisis, the leadership of our country continues to disregard the problem.  We must consider another approach.

A strategy that has not been tapped in the climate battle is the force of mothers leading a grassroots movement.

History has demonstrated that mother-led movements can be very powerful, bring people together and create social change. Examples of Mother-Led Movements »

Our strategy will feed from the strength we have as mothers, to implement change when it comes to protecting our children. We are working from the assumption that once mothers discover how climate change is affecting the development of their “cubs”, from the moment of conception, and how the changing climate affects the person their children will be in the future, they will become active. 

The majority of mothers, and people to that effect, are not aware that the changes resulting from climate change are already affecting, day in and day out, their children’s intelligence, brain development, lung development, propensity to cancer, and even their genetic backbone, as climate change continues to degrade the environment they live in.   



Education is vital as people cannot support something that they do not understand.  This can be approached using already established resources and a public campaign.


Come together

The force we bring to the crisis, as concerned mothers, carries a lot of weight.

Consider this:

When the clean power plan measures were rolled back a couple of weeks ago, the The American Academy of Pediatrics sent a public statement, condemning the move, noting that it had more than 67,000 members.

Imagine the impact of having 67,000 letters from angry mothers, condemning the move, delivered to the EPA.

Although we are a mothers’ campaign, the plan is to reach out to as many climate and even non-climate groups as possible. We can affect greater change together.

Climate groups: Activists, Researchers, etc.
Other groups: Religious, Ethnic, Social, etc.


Engage multiple international groups to request that the US join efforts to implement the Paris agreement.



On a specific day, early 2020, (US primaries), to bring attention to our cause.  This could be in various forms or various combinations of strategies (to be discussed):

  • Wear an identifying shirt/cap/ on a given day

  • Bumper stickers

  • Each state?   Key states?

  • Mothers’ chain strategy? Example »



Campaign to implement our goals nationally using a combination of strategies:

  1. Social Media

  2. Radio, TV, townhalls

  3. In-person visits to candidates

  4. Letters

  5. Press

  6. Photo-voice strategies

  7. Celebrities. 

    • Here is an article that they have politicians listen to them 

These activities will lead to the demonstration and may continue after, as the tactics are already organized.


If we don’t stand up for children, then we don’t stand for much

Marian Wright Edelman